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John Godfrey
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Jun 13, 2017
Feb 9, 2014
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Oct 2, 1982 (Age: 35)
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John Godfrey

Well-Known Member, Male, 35, from London

Phew! that was a long power nap. Im back! Mar 6, 2016

John Godfrey was last seen:
Jun 13, 2017
    1. Martin Vance
      Martin Vance
    2. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      Phew! that was a long power nap. Im back!
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    3. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      Won my First DW12 oval race a Pocono!!
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    4. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      10 race wins in the Star Mazda
    5. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      Won my first oval race in a Star Mazda at Charlotte
    6. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      Re Qualified 11th for top spit of Indy 500 R... and now no Indy 500 R... :(
    7. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      Qualified 17th for the top split of the Indy 500 R
    8. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      Won My First Star Mazda Race at Okayama
    9. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      Finshed the 2014 S1 BTCC VW Jetta Support as series Champion with 2 race wins
    10. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      Finished the season 3rd overall in the Spec Ford Racer BTCC Support Series
    11. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      Won my first BTCC Jetta Junior Support race at Daytona Road!!
    12. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      Won the 21:15 Skip Barber race at Lime Rock Park
    13. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      Won the 22:15 Skip Barber Race at Oulton Park
    14. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      Just Won my first Skip Barber Series race at 21:15!! Whoop Whoop!
    15. Alex
      Welcome John, just dropped you a little PM.
    16. John Godfrey
      John Godfrey
      2014 iRacing Driver Development with Apex Racing UK Academy
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    Oct 2, 1982 (Age: 35)
    Home Page:
    iRacing Name:
    John Godfrey3
    iRacing Career

    2013 Season 4C Mazda Series
    779th of 5554th
    Race Wins: 1 (Lime Rock Park)

    My iracing rookie season started in late 2013 with a race win, several pole positions and consistent top 5's, promoted to D licence at the end of season.

    2013 Season 4 WK13 Street Stock Series
    788th of 3573rd
    162nd of 1195th (Rookie Division)
    Best Result 5th (Charlotte Motor Speedway)

    Holy Jesus, this series is insane! A few top 5 finishes but if 'nudging' means using someone as a braking aid im not sure if ill enter the oval series for a while.

    February 2014
    Joined Apex Racing UK Academy

    2014 Season 1 Skip Barber 2000 Series
    Race Wins: 4 (Watkins Glen, Oulton Park, Spa, Lime Rock Park)


    2014 Season 1 BSR BTCC Support Series

    Spec Racer Ford
    3rd of 29th
    Best result 5th (Silverstone National)

    VW Jetta TDI
    1st of 27th
    Race Wins: 1 (Daytona Road)

    2014 Season 2 BSR Star Mazda Championship

    Star Mazda
    2nd of 39th
    Race Wins: 3

    iRacing Official Series Star mazda Championship
    Race Wins: 4

    Real Life

    1997 Formula Karting Indoor Junior League 4th
    1998 Daytona Raceway Karting Tournament 1st
    1999 Club 100 Light Weight Sprint Series 6th
    2000 Club 100 Elite Series Race Winner (Buckmore Park)
    2008 Lamborghini MurciƩlago Testing Wakefield Pk Raceway
    2010 PPL Flight Training
    2013 Subscribed to iRacing

    Inspired to go back to my racing competitve spirit from the iRacing success of Marc Mercer a fellow UK Karting series club 100 competitor who has done so well in the BSR Skip Barber series.

    Long Term Goal

    To progress through the road series ranks to the iRacing World Championship F1 Series and exhibition sports car events. I am looking to Apex Academy for guidance in set up, driving lines, breaking, cornering performance and race strategy advice to improve my lap times, consistency and finishing position for each series.

    Will be competing in the Renault 2.0 for next season.