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New Profile Posts

  1. Vinodh Moodley
    Vinodh Moodley Pascal
    Hi. I’m trying to signup for the academy to get setups etc but the more info button gives me a 404 error. How to I actually pay the for the service?
    1. Pascal
      Service is currently unavailable. It will be rebuild for 2019.
      Nov 25, 2018
  2. Raymond Barcomb
  3. Raymond Barcomb
    Raymond Barcomb Arron Maspero
    How do I talk to you guys
  4. Brian Valles
    Brian Valles
    Where do I download App?
  5. Gino Corniola
    Gino Corniola Alex
    hey, how do I cancel reoccuring payments here?
    1. Alex
      May 18, 2018
  6. Woidherr
    gratz John! :)
  7. John Godfrey
    John Godfrey
    Scored my first race win in the Audi R18 LMP1 at Road America. It wasn't top split, but i'll take it anyway!
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  8. Alex
    Apex Academy - I will be on Discord from about half 9 tonight doing some LMP1 setup work. Feel free to jump in and have a chat
  9. Ari Härö
    Ari Härö
    LMP1 Hype!!!
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  10. David Van Broeck
    David Van Broeck
    Great to be back in Apex! Can't wait to start with the LMP1
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  11. John Godfrey
    John Godfrey
    4th year birthday at the academy today! LMP1 and Indy oval for 2018. Looking forward to doing it with a community of sim racers.
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  12. Alex
    Discord invite link added to the getting started section. VRS invites will go out through next week
  13. Nikk Edwards
    Nikk Edwards Pascal
    hey pascal, i don't know who to contact but i was wondering if someone can help me get to the right spot, i see the academy is now open for registrations, however i am more oval than road but i don't see a oval academy , or does buying the lmp1 academy give me access to the oval side aswell?
    1. Samuli
      Hi Nikk! There is currently no ongoing lessons or training sessions available for oval side. Academy membership would give you access to setups, track guides and datapacks from previous oval academy course, but strength of the Apex Academy is in the interactions with your instructors who are teaching you the latest knowledge used by Pro/WCS teams.

      Apex Racing UK
      Mar 4, 2018
  14. Samuli
    Excited to try the new LMP1 cars, just hard to decided which one to buy :D
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  15. Bernd Oswald
    Bernd Oswald Alex
    Hallo Alex,

    I`m a member here since 1 year, but i don`t use anything from apexracing and I have no time for it. Please can you delete my Membership, because 1 don`t want to pay every month when I do not need the Service.

    Please give me a short answer and sorry for my bad english;

    Thanks a lot, Bernd Oswald
    1. Alex
      Mar 2, 2018
  16. Alex
    I have it sorted for next season and will do the post tonight guys.
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    2. Ari Härö
      Ari Härö
      cant wait =)
      Feb 10, 2018
  17. Nicklas Rasmussen
    Nicklas Rasmussen
    With the Pro Series now over. I am interested in joining the Apex Racing AC full time in 2018. Hope to see the AC Team continue in 2018 :)
    1. Alex
      I will get a post up next week guys. Just working the last bits out now.
      Feb 1, 2018
  18. Alex
    I will do a post about 2018 once the Pro Series is complete, a lot depends on the outcome of that series as to what I can do then
  19. Ari Härö
    Ari Härö
    any news about 2018 ?)
  20. Carl Sharkey
    Carl Sharkey
    Can anybody recommend a good Porsche or GT3 League to join?